Top 5 Essential Fortnite Tips

Thu 5th Apr 2018 - 7:48pm Gaming

Over the last few months, Fortnite has taken the world by storm. It has blasted into mainstream media and is showing no signs of slowing up. While we all can't be Ninja, here are 5 tips to make you a better Fortnite player.

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Build Before You Shoot

While it may be tempting to shoot your opponents right away, it's not always the right choice. Building a ramp and wall before you engage with an enemy can save you in the short and long run. For one, it nearly guarantees that even if you mess up terribly with your aim, you should still win the fight. Also, having the extra height and defense advantage should save you some health and shield which can save you in later encounters.

Gather Resources

As I previously stated, building before fighting can be a great advantage. That advantage is gone if you lack the resources to repair your structure. One way I found to always have an abundant supply of resources is to run with my pickaxe out. Having a pickaxe out makes me more likely to take a swing or two at a tree and keep adding to my resource count. In urban locations such as Tilted Towers or Flush Factory, a great way of gathering resources is by mining the wood pallets that can be found all over the cities.

Use Proper Equipment

Having the right equipment is always a great way to improve your gameplay. If you're a console player you don't have much to worry about because everyone's on just about the same level. Make certain though that you have a quality pair of earbuds or headphones so you'll be able to hear the footsteps of enemies and can prepare yourself accordingly. My brother along with other console players swear by the Scuf controller and it's abilities to improve your gameplay.

If you're a PC player, your main priority should be making sure your computer is up to date and can run Fortnite smoothly. If the game is slow and choppy, getting kills is going to be significantly harder. If you're still looking for equipment to up your game, check out my Amazon page to see what I think some of today's best gear is.

Abuse 3rd Person Advantage

While it's a bit unfair, using 3rd person to look around corners and into buildings is a great way to give yourself the upper hand in a close quarters combat situation or avoid that nasty spike trap. Like most shooters, the first to pull the trigger normally wins the engagement. Make sure you're the first by prefiring enemies you've spotted around corners.

Watch Better Players

Watching talented Fortnite players live stream is a great way to get better at the game. Many live streamers have put thousands of hours into Fortnite and similar Battle Royal games making them very skilled individuals. Watching these players play is a great way to learn new metas, tactics, and improve your overall game IQ.

Bonus: When streamers play with friends and other streamers, pay close attention to how they communicate. Great communications is important if you plan to play competitively.


Experience and playing is the best way to get better, but use these five essential Fortnite tips and you'll soon experience the glory of Victory Royale.